Upcoming concerts

10th June 2022

Sánchez & Fortuny- Piano Dúo

19:30                  Salzburg, Áustria

11-17th July 2022

Master in Piano Technique and Biomechanics

To specify      Valéncia, Spain  

10-18th August 2022

Tel-Hai International Piano Master Classes

To specify        Tel-Aviv, Israel

“The former students of the Higher Center of the Conservatori Liceu Foundation Bernat Sánchez and Júlia Fortuny, members of the Sánchez & Fortuny Piano Duo, have been the winners of various international competitions.”

Liceu Conservatory Foundation


Sánchez & Fortuny

Sánchez & Fortuny – Piano Duo is a young chamber music ensemble of four hands and two pianos. Its value lies in the presence of great artistic sensitivity, personality and musicality.
Its main objective is to spread and value piano duo. The versatility of this ensemble is unique: original four-handed works on one or two pianos, orchestral arrangements, as well as concerts for orchestra and piano duos.

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