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Sánchez & Fortuny – Piano Duo is an emerging chamber music ensemble founded in 2017 as a result of the meeting of the two young musicians during their bachelor studies. Since then an understanding is born on a musical and personal level, that after three years of sharing experiences, learning and participating in different festivals as soloists, they decided to start a professional project as a piano duo playing repertoire for 4 hands and 2 pianos, grouping the two energies, creating a special synergy.


In 2018, they were recognized as the Extraordinary Chamber Music Prize of their promotion at Barcelona's Liceu Superior Conservatory, ​​and subsequently, the Liceu itself granted them a full scholarship to study for a Master's degree in Chamber Music performance. Then they had the opportunity to play with orchestra and they prepared the access auditions for the prestigious Mozarteum University of Salzburg to specialize in their training with the two most representative musicians in this field Yaara Tal & Andreas Groethuysen. Since their stay in Salzburg in the winter semester of 2019, they have twice received the Pere Pons Foundation scholarship, later a scholarship granted by the AIE and internal scholarships from the Mozarteum University and the Austrian government recognition of their merits and high academic performance and results.


Since their inception, they have been actively performing in different festivals and halls in Catalonia, Spain, Andorra, Austria and Kazakhstan, such as the Palau de la Música Catalana, the Josep Carreras Auditorium, the Can Roig i Torres Auditorium, the Torroella Fringe Festival, the Chamber Music Hall from Astana Opera House, etc...


This last year they have been on tour with Juventudes Musicales and the next project that will come to light in 2022 will be the release of their first CD.

Their musical interest and contribution to the world are to bring and spread classical music to all kinds of audiences reviving not very well known performed, recorded or programmed music, combining it with other more mainstream. Their ensemble is very versatile as they interpret both 4-hand works for one piano, 2 piano pieces as well as repertoire with orchestra. They include within their repertoire the original music composed for the formation and orchestral transcriptions or other formations arranged by the same composers or by later musicians. In this way, with only a piano or two, they achieve all the richness that a large orchestra could offer. 

They have been awarded in several national and international competitions such as 1st Prize in the International Romance Chamber Music Competition, 1st Prize Ischia International Piano Competition, 1st Prize to the Danubia International Competition, 1st Prize Music Awards, 1st Prize in the XXIII Chamber Podiums Sant Joan de Vilatorrada, 2nd Prize in the Superior Category of the Higini Anglés Chamber Competition and 2nd Prize in the Mataró City Chamber Competition.


They have studied with Emili Brugalla, Enrique Bagaría and Andreas Groethuysen, and have received advice from musicians such as Yaara Tal, Dmitri Alexeev, Marta Zabaleta, Vladimir Viardo, Akiko Ebi, Vesko Stambolov, Diana Baker, Raimon Garriga, Víctor del Valle, Joan Magrané, Manel Valdivieso and Àlex Ramírez among others.

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